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book How To Use

  • Input a string of text and encode or decode it as you like.
  • Encode's button will process normal character to encoded character.
  • Decode's button will process encoded character to normal character.
  • The encoded text or decoded text will seen as result right after the Encode's or the Decode's button was pressed.
  • You also be able to upload file containing text you want to encode or decode by pressing the Load file's button. The file should be in plain text or file with extension (.txt). The other's file won't allowed to uploaded.

info About URL Encoder / Decoder

URL Encoder is a tool to transform normal text to encoded text. URL encoding convert character into a format that can transmitted over the internet. As we knew, URL can only be sent over internet using ASCII character. If the character contain any character outside ASCII, the character should be encoded on safe character that transmitted over URL.

URL in the world wide web can only contain ASCII alphanumeric character and some other safe character like hypen (-), underscore (_), tidle (~), and dot (.). Any character outside that above character must be encoded.

Just like white space character, It should be transform in encoded URL before transmitted over internet connection. Normally, URL encoding will encode and replace text contain unsafe character with a "%" followed by two hexadecimal digit. And the white space character will replaced with a "%20".

The percent sign is used as an escape character, that's why some people also refer to URL encoding as Percent encoding.

For instance, if you write down a text "the small bird learn to fly" and try to send through URL address, that's text will replaced with "the%20small%20bird%20learn%20to%20fly".

For Other example, the original text is :

The traffic is real bussy, Why are the chickens want try to cross he road?

And the URL encoded result is :


URL Decoder is a tool to transform an encoded text or URL to normal text as human can read. It will reverse all encoded character to be a normal character.

Common ASCII character and their URL encoded value :

CharacterURL Encoding (UTF-8)

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