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book How To Use

  • Input a string of text and hash it in sha256 hash format to secure your text.
  • Generate's button will process normal character to hashed character in sha256 hash format.
  • The hashed text will seen as result right after the Generate's button was hitted.
  • You can copy the result by pressing the Copy Result's button and paste it to an other places.

info About Sha256 Hash Generator

Sha256 Hash Generator is a tool to generate normal text or string which contain sensitive information and hash it in sha256 hash. You can turn string such as username, password, credit card number and the other sensitive data to safer hashed string with this tool.

SHA-256 or Secure Hash Algorithm 256 is on one of the successor hash function to SHA-1. SHA-256 is a cryptographic hash function which takes an input and produces a 256-bit (32-byte) hash value. This hash value is known as a message digest. This message digest is usually then rendered as a hexadecimal number which is 64 digits long.

Hashing is not a new concept. Hash also is not an 'encryption' because It can not be decrypted back to original text or data. A cryptographic hash or 'digest' is a kind of 'signiture' for a text or data file. Hashing and text encryption look like a similar thing, but actually they're different.

To understand about hashing, you can think fingerprints and every person has a unique fingerprints. Similarly, each string will have a unique fixed size or digital fingerprints that called as a hash. It's rare that two different string will have same hash.

Simply, an Sha256 is a fingerprints of the given input. It is a one way transaction. It is almost impossible to reverse the sha256 result string and retrieve the original string.

For instance, the original input text is :

1. Hello, World

2. The red fox jumped over lazy dog.

And the result of output is :

1. 03675ac53ff9cd1535ccc7dfcdfa2c458c5218371f418dc136f2d19ac1fbe8a5

2. 94b81210aa4cec81582970249c85e016d4403216f9c0ca3e59169e58578423cc

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