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book How To Use

  • HTML Code Compressor will process your raw HTML's code containing some unnecessary character such as white spaces, tabs, line break and other's. HTML Code Compressor will product a compressed code to encrease your website's load.
  • HTML code could be in the form of pure HTML code. You could compress it directly. However if your code containing some CSS code or Javascript code, you could also compress your code and get the same result such as pure HTML code.
  • You could use and start this tool by coping the HTML's code outside and paste it into textarea's input. Then press the Compress's Now button to process the raw code into compressed's and minimized code.
  • Please wait for while. And the result will displayed after code's compressment was successfully completed.
  • You could save the result's code as file by pressing the Save As File's button. And the file will downloaded directly from the server.
  • You could also upload the external file containing HTML's raw code by press the Load HTML File's button. You could upload HTML file up to 1Mb in size. Then compress your code.

info About HTML Code Compressor

The HTML Compressor is a tool to compress and minimize your raw HTML code by removing unnecessary white spaces, tabs, carriage returns and the others caracter. This tool will erase the all HTML comments entire the code for the best result. This tool will reduce HTML code size and increase the website's load speed to get more faster.

You can pick your raw HTML code and paste directly or load the external file from your computer. The HTML compressed's code will shown as result. You can download the result as file or copy and paste it on the other place.

security Safe and Secure

We use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption for data transmission over internet connection to make sure all data were transmitted securely.

Your entries will not be saved in our system, neither the result. We do not keep or inspect the contents of the submitted data any way. We also do not collect uploaded file from user and delete it directly after user leave the page.

transform Completely Free

Our tool is free to use. You can use it any time without install or download software to your computer.