Base64 Image Decoder

Base64 Image Decoder

Enter encoded's text of image in base64 and decode it :

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book How To Use

  • Input a string of text in base64 format contains image's file you want to decode to normal image.
  • This tool will effectively work after you've encoded an image's file and turn save it into string or text in base64 format. You can use Base64 Image Encoder to encode your image's file first.
  • Decode's button will process encoded character in base64 format and tranform it into normal image.
  • The image will seen as result right after the Decode's button was hitted as preview.
  • You can download the normal image by pressing the Save And Download Result As File's button.
  • The downloadable file will has a png as it's extension.

info About Base64 Image Decoder

Base64 Image Decoder is a tool to transform encoded text in base64 form contains image data to original ASCII character and then finally process it to be an image's file. Base64 encoding usually used when binary data need to be encoded. Encoded data will stored and transfered over media that design to deal with textual information. This guarantees that the data won't changed during transfer without modification. Base64 encode generally in some application like electronic mail via MIME.

MIME which stands for MUlti-porpose Internet Mail Extensions is one of application used base64 encode format to transfer data. It is used to transmit data with file attachment over Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. Encoding data in base64 will encrease more 33% the data space than the original data.

Base64 will turn the binary data in to text. The encoded data will get the character in range A-Z, a-z, and 0-9 for the initial 62 values that can use to encode data. Other base64 variation share the same property but they use different symbols in the last two values.

For Example, The original text is :

Find light in the beautiful sea..

And the encoded result is :


The example above was encode the data from normal text or character. And the Base64 Image Decoder will reverse the encoded text in base64 format and turn it into ASCII character compiler on that image's file. And finally generate it to create a new image as it's original image.

Base64 index table :


Source : wikipedia

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